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When barbecuing, you can not only prepare delicious dishes fresh, but also make it an event among friends and family. Sit together, eat, drink and have a great time. In the Relaxdays online shop you can discover a large selection of different barbecues. Find the right barbecue for your garden or balcony now and look forward to great evenings!

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Barbecuing has become a lifestyle

What is one of the most popular hobbies and brings people together? That's right, barbecuing! It is becoming increasingly socially acceptable to prepare delicious food together outdoors and the season no longer plays such a big role. In addition to the well-known barbecue season, you can also fire up the barbecue in spring or late autumn when the weather is mild and sizzle steaks à la steakhouse. Neighbours, friends and relatives will be only too happy to keep you company. All you need is a high-quality barbecue and practical accessories.
Especially in summer, many people like to use their free time to organise a lavish barbecue evening. It is and remains something special to cook outside and eat finely roasted food. Barbecuing is increasingly becoming a way of life and is child's play with the right equipment. Pan, turn, marinate, smoke and roast meat, cheese and vegetables with your new Relaxdays grill!

Which grill is the right one for you?

But before you can get started, you first have to find the right barbecue for your purposes. It is important to consider the number of people you usually want to barbecue for, where your barbecue will be set up, what your favourite barbecue method is and how much money you want to spend on your new barbecue. Depending on whether you want to barbecue just for you and your household, your circle of friends or the whole neighbourhood, you should pay attention to the available barbecue area. Our cast iron barbecue barrel, for example, is perfect for small families of 2 to 4 people, while you can also feed your friends with the charcoal barbecue trolley deluxe. The most important factor when deciding on a barbecue is its location. In addition to a possible lack of space, you should also consider the location. Regular barbecuing with charcoal on the balcony can quickly make you unpopular with your neighbours or your landlord, which is why the electric table barbecue is probably better recommended as an alternative without intensive odours. In a garden or on a terrace, there are basically no limits to your choice of barbecue.
How do you prefer to grill? If you like direct grilling on a hot grill, then you can get one of our charcoal grills. You can grill and sizzle over the fire. If you are a fan of smocking, you can also do this with many conventional grills, but usually not without the appropriate accessories. With our special smoker, however, preparing smoked food is child's play. Our swivel grills are also perfect if you want to grill directly over your campfire, because you can simply set them up above it. Alternatively, there are also swivel barbecues including a fire bowl for barbecuing with charcoal.
Last but not least, you still have to decide on the price. Generally speaking, we offer great value for money for all of our barbecues and you will mainly find quite compact appliances in the Relaxdays shop. You can get the right appliance for between €19.90 and €149.90. If barbecuing is only a highlight for you every now and then and you want to use the space in your garden effectively, we recommend our folding barbecues, barbecue buckets or the picnic barbecue. These are also ideal for when you're out and about, for camping or in the park. But you don't have to give our larger models a permanent place in your garden either, as they are mostly portable or equipped with wheels.

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You are spoilt for choice with our barbecues, but there is certainly the right one for every taste and purpose. Do you want to make your entire garden shine again? Then discover our great garden accessories, such as fireplaces or atmospheric garden lighting. Garden furniture and gardening tools are also available in the Relaxdays online shop. Order now and benefit from our free shipping and fast delivery times!