Colourful Birdhouses

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  • Vibrant
  • Decorative
  • Natural wood
  • For small birds
  • Safe haven
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Colourful Birdhouses2

Colourful Birdhouses on Base

With this miniature settlement bird feeder set of 4, you’ll be able to observe a small town shrunk down. Each birdhouse features a different roof colour, which only enhances the lively appeal of this lovely piece. All nesting aids are connected by the wooden base upon which they stand, but still remain 4 separated boxes. The small entry holes are especially suited for smaller wild birds such as titmice and sparrows. Use this beautiful items as a garden ornament or balcony decoration to impress your guests! Even when used as a mere decoration, this piece will turn heads for sure!
Colourful Birdhouses3 Colourful Birdhouses4


  • Vibrant: This colourful nesting help H x W x D: app. 26 x 46 x 12.5 cm provides your garden with some colour
  • Suitability: Suitable for outdoor use - Accessible for small wild birds such as titmice
  • Protection: Small entrance diameter: app. 3 cm protects birds from wind, rain and predators
  • 4 Houses: All individual houses are lined up side by side on a wooden base
  • Deco: The cute bird hotels with colourful roofs and 4 entry holes will put a smile on kids’ faces

Nesting Box Set for Titmice

  • Protects from rain and wind
  • Helps small birds, e.g. titmice or sparrows secure their offspring
  • Protects juvenile birds from predators such as cats, ferrets and birds of prey
  • Watch hatching and growing up of the animals with your children

Decorative Bird Feeder House

  • Exudes a cosy flair with its colourful look
  • A miniature settlement of houses with colourful roofs
  • Also a highlight purely as a balcony decoration


  • 4 Birdhouses on Wooden Base

Colourful Birdhouses Details

  • Total size H x W x D: app. 26 x 46 x 12 cm
  • Width small nest boxes: app. 9 cm
  • Width large nest boxes: app. 12 cm
  • Width of the perches: app. 4.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1.4 kg
  • Entry hole diameter: app. 3 cm each
  • Made of natural wood with coloured highlights

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