Insect Hotel Metal Roof for the Garden Balcony Patio, Wild Bee or Ladybird Home

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This insect hotel is perfect for observing different kind of bugs up close. Insects such as wild bees, butterflies, ladybirds and earwigs can settle down to brood in the various chambers. The colourful design is especially fun for children and a wonderful side effect is that the nesting aid can function as species conservation for endangered bees.

Hang the insect house in a warm, dry, sunny place. The metal screen provides additional protection of the brooding chambers.

Insect Hotel with Metal Roof
• For insects such as wild bees, ladybirds, lacewings, etc.
• Extra chamber for butterflies (that opens)
• Nesting box with roof and various fillings
• Insect house with 7 compartments and a bird-protection screen
• Important brooding help for insects
• Extra storage compartment

Details on the Insect & Butterfly Nesting House
• Size of nesting box: approx 48.5 x 24 x 14 cm
• Size of drill hole in wood: approx 8 mm
• Size of  bamboo holes: approx 4-10 mm
• Slit for butterflies: approx 6.5 x 1 cm; 4.5 x 1 cm
• Weight: approx 1.2 kg

Additional Info on the Metal Roof Insect Home
• Filling material: Bamboo, wood, pinecones
• Box material: Wood (box), metal (roof), galvanized steel (screen)
• Colour: Blue with red chambers (water-based varnish)

Make the Bug House Homey
• Face the box towards the south so the brooding chambers get a lot of sun
• Find a warm, protected and dry place to hang the box
• Make the nesting aid more appealing by placing it near wild flowers and herbs
• Year-round nesting help: Leave the box out in the winter

Included in Delivery
• Insect hotel with 7 compartments and a metal roof
• Hook for hanging
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


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