Small Animal Wooden Tunnel

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  • Pen accessory
  • Schima wood
  • Metal wiring
  • Bendable
  • Gnaw bark
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Small Animal Wooden Tunnel2

Wooden Tube for Hamsters and Rabbits

The small animal bridge offers some welcome diversion for hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs and other similar pets. The board made of untreated Schima wood is reinforced with metal wiring so that it can be easily bent. The tube can be used as a bridge between the habitat and the floor or as a hideout for gerbils and dwarf rabbits. Remember: The bark is where it’s at! Not only will this gnaw bridge be loved by all small animals alike, but also stand out as a decoration piece for their habitat.

Small Animal Wooden Tunnel3 Small Animal Wooden Tunnel4


  • Habitat décor: The natural wooden tunnel adds a new spin to the pen or cage
  • Multifunctional: Tunnel for hamsters - Hideout for dwarf rabbits - Bridge for the habitat
  • Flexible: The metal wire allows the small animal tube to bend
  • To gnaw: The Schima wood has a natural bark ideal for gnawing small animals
  • Decorative: The rodent tunnel is also a great habitat accessory - Natural look

Small Animal Bendable Bridge

  • Tunnel, tube, hideout or bridge for rodents
  • Bendable thanks to metal wires
  • Natural bark to gnaw on
  • Decoration piece for the habitat or cage


  • 1x Small animal tunnel

Wooden Rodent Tunnel at a Glance

  • Size unbent H x W x D: app. 2 x 29 x 17 cm
  • Schima wood and metal
  • Weighs app. 240 g
  • Natural look