Black Siphon Pump 175 cm

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This liquid transfer pump is ideal for transferring non-corrosive liquids like fuel or water from one container to another. It is always a good idea to have this emergency pump on hand when camping or during long outdoor trips. 

Using the metal clips, connect the two transparent tubes. The arrow will indicate which end to put into the container that you want to fill. Then place the other end into the container you are removing liquids from. Hold the pump such that the arrow is pointed upwards and start pumping. When you see that the liquid is flowing, point the arrow downwards. A one-way valve allows fluid to flow without pumping, as long as the filling container has a lower liquid level.

The liquid transfer pump is suitable for non-corrosive fluids. Be careful when filling with fuel, as it is explosive and flammable. Only pump fuel in areas away from flames, sparks etc. Make sure that no liquid is spilled, especially if it is fuel or other ecologically harmful fluids.

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