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Relaxdays fences - the right thing for every garden!

When creating a garden in front of or behind your home, the first thing you often do is create an outer boundary with walls or fences. But you can also work with fences inside the garden. With the right fence in the garden, you can not only create order and structure, but also incorporate decorative elements and protect yourself from annoying glances from the neighbours. That's why we offer a wide range of different types of fences. Here you will find the right fence for every purpose. In our assortment you will find:

  • Bed and garden fences
  • Push-in fences
  • Fence panels
The Relaxdays bed and garden fences are available in different heights and sizes. They provide decorative boundaries for beds, paths or borders. At the same time, their decorative designs act as eye-catchers and set individual accents in every garden. In this way, you create a visually tidy garden and can create new structures.
Our plug-in fences are particularly individual in use and can be flexibly implemented at any time. They adapt to every garden and every new situation and can be extended. You can use and implement the Relaxdays picket fences as ornamental fences, trellises or decorative bed borders as you wish. The picket fences are available in different materials and colours and are therefore the right choice for every garden style.
We also offer fence panels in anthracite or green. You can use them to create privacy on your balcony, terrace or in the garden. They also serve as wind and dust protection and provide shade. These properties are also particularly useful in greenhouses. The privacy screens are temperature-resistant and weatherproof. You can find Relaxdays fence screens in different lengths and heights.