A garden never stands still

Anyone who has a garden knows that there really is always something to do. Throughout the year, various tasks arise that require care, time and attention. In the spring, the garden is planted, weeds are cleared and the hedges are trimmed. In the summer, the fruits and crops are harvested, the lawn is mowed, decorations are added and one thing or another is rearranged. In the autumn, leaves are swept up and everything is slowly made ready for winter. In the winter, delicate plants and trees are cleared of snow and woody shrubs are trimmed. Gardening is a year-round activity. You can't always do it with your own hands and have to get yourself a variety of tools. Gardening aids are also very practical in many cases and make the often strenuous gardening work a lot easier. At Relaxdays you can find the right tools and accessories for every garden. From garden shears and spades to watering systems, watering cans and sprinklers, lawn mowers, binding wires and knee pads - Relaxdays makes gardening easier for you with almost every task.

The right tool for every kind of gardening job

There are endless garden tools. But what is the right one for which task? Below you will find a small useful overview with the most important tools, sorted by gardening task.

One of the most annoying tasks of every garden owner. With the right tools, this work can be done on its own and in a much more relaxed way:

  • Weeder
  • Double hoe
  • Small rake
  • Knee pad & knee board
  • - Garden tool stool
Keeping things tidy
Garden waste, pesky leaves or lawn debris - something is always destroying order. With the following tools, gardening will be done in no time:
  • Leaf bags
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Grapple tongs
  • Lawn mower with catcher bag
Gardening always includes watering and irrigation. Especially on hot days, all plants and flowers need enough water to survive. Here, too, there are practical helpers that support manual watering:
  • sprinkler flowers
  • watering balls
  • pulse and circle sprinklers
  • hose sprinklers

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