Aluminium Cold Frame

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  • Quick germination
  • Quality protection
  • Weather-resistant
  • 4 Opening levels
  • Easy assembly
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Aluminium Cold Frame2

Weatherproof Greenhouse for the Garden

The warm conditions created inside the cold frame are perfect to grow shrubs, plants or herbs all the year long. You can use the greenhouse to grow cucumbers, lettuce, spinach or radish and put fresh vegetables on your table every day of the year. Your turtle can also live inside the green house thanks to the warm conditions. The sturdy plastic sheets that are easily joined together provide enough protections against wind and weather. The air feed can be opened through four different levels.

Tip: Please ensure enough air supply comes through if you are using the greenhouse for your turtle.

Aluminium Cold Frame3 Aluminium Cold Frame4


  • Quick germination: Isolated greenhouse made of plastic creates warm conditions inside the frame
  • Quality protection: Greenhouse protects plants from the rain, UV rays, insects and snails
  • 4 Different levels: Adjustable lid enables control over the air supply system inside the frame
  • Easy assembly: Plug-in system with stable double-skin sheet made of plastic and aluminium
  • Multifunctional: Grow seeds and vegetables or use as a pen for turtles

Translucent Small Greenhouse

  • For plants, lettuce and herbs
  • Warm conditions and quick germination
  • UV and pest protection
  • 4 Level opening
  • Easy plug-in system with double-skin sheets
  • Also practical for turtles


  • 1 x Cold frame in pieces

Cold Frame at a Glance

  • Footprint W x D: app. 100 x 50 cm
  • Front height: app. 40 cm
  • Back height: app. 50 cm
  • 4 mm PP sheets with aluminium frame
  • Weighs app. 1.6 kg
  • Transparent greenhouse

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