Garden Apron for Weeding and Harvesting, Easy to Empty, Gardening Tool Belt

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This gardening apron is the back-protecting alternative to carrying a bin around with you. The apron allows you to comfortably carry everything in a stomach pouch. This allows you to work at an ergonomic height that eliminates stooping and crouching to save your joints and back.

Now you can collect apples, peaches, plums or nuts in addition to garden waste, grass or weeds. Easily open the bottom of the bag to empty the contents into the compost, trash or a bowl.

Garden Apron Details
• Size unfolded: approx 1 m long (goes to just over the knee)
• Size folded: approx 75 cm long (goes to the thighs)
• Weight: approx 0.2 kg
• Material: 300x600 Oxford polyester, steel
• Colour: light green

Weather-Resistant Gardening Apron
• For waists up to 120 cm around
• Freely adjustable
• For men or women
• Waterproof, wash with a cloth
• Protects the back and joints
• Work ergonomically and safely

Collection Apron with Large Pouch
• Large inner pocket
• Inner size: approx 40 x 45 x 25 cm
• Opening reinforced with metal bracket
• Closes with fastener and 2 buttons
• Contents empty automatically

Apron for Garden Work and More
• For collecting, plucking, harvesting, weeding, etc.
• Ideal for gathering fruit, vegetables, walnuts, etc.
• Great for plucking apples, plums, cherries, etc.
• Collect garden waste such as leaves, weeds, stones, trimmings, etc.
• You can also use the pouch to store tools such as garden shears, shovels, etc.

Included in Delivery
• Garden apron
• Decorative items shown in product pictures are not included

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