Set of 110 Plant Supports

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  • 110-piece set
  • Garden ties
  • Wire reel
  • Clips in two different sizes
  • Green
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Set of 110 Plant Supports2

Plant Growing Supports Set

Whether the tomatoes in your garden, the young shoots on the balcony or your bedroom flower pots: This 110-piece set offers many possibilities to help protect and fix your plants. The 60 plant clips in two different sizes close tightly, can be fixed at will and reused. The 49 plant ties are perfect for every season. The biding wire will help you fix stems, stalks and branches. The matching roll has an integrated cutter to help you out.

Set of 110 Plant Supports3 Set of 110 Plant Supports4


  • 110-piece set: Growing supports for roses, cucumbers, tomatoes or pot plants - Green design
  • Clips: The plant clips close very tightly - Fix to the crops - In 2 sizes
  • Twist ties: Easily fastened - No harm to your flowers - Reusable
  • Binding wire: Length of app. 40 m - Roll with practical cutter
  • Useful anywhere: Growing supports for the garden, balcony, greenhouse or indoor plants

Kit for Flexible Plant Support

  • Growing supports for tomatoes, cucumbers, indoor plants and more
  • Holders for your garden, greenhouse or indoor plants
  • Round plant clips close very tightly
  • Reusable garden ties
  • Wire reel with cutter


  • 49x Twist ties
  • 30x Big plant clips
  • 30x Small plant clips
  • 1x Wire reel

110-Piece Set of Plant Holders at a Glance

  • Small plant clips H x W x D: app. 4 x 3 x 0.6 cm
  • Big plant clips H x W x D: app. 6 x 4.6 x 1 cm
  • Ties H x W x D: app. 22.8 x 0.9 x 0.2 cm
  • Wire reel H x W x D: app. 2 x 8 x 12.3 cm (40 m long)
  • Made of plastic and metal
  • Complete set weight of app. 450 g

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