Pest Control

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Protection from wild animals

We encounter a wide variety of animals in the garden. Some are welcome guests, others are pests or enemies. What could be worse than wanting to harvest the strawberries or potatoes you have tended to for so long and then everything is nibbled and eaten away? The nightmare of every gardener. Therefore, there are practical means of animal protection to prevent this from happening in the first place. Particularly annoying pests are voles, rats and snails. But moles also occasionally upset the whole garden. For mice and moles there is the possibility to use animal-friendly live traps without any poison. Our slug traps also work without chemicals. Find the right animal repellent for your garden at Relaxdays!

Bird repellent for balcony and garden

Birds can also become annoying enemies in the garden. On the one hand, they eat away harmful insects such as caterpillars or beetles. On the other hand, they also steal delicious berries and eat fruit from the tree. Therefore, you should also protect your long-awaited harvest from birds. This can be done with harmless standing or hanging decorative figures in the shape of owls, hawks, herons, crows or ravens. They serve as a realistic bird deterrent and scare away unwanted animals on the vegetable patch, on the roof beam or even on the pond.
More stubborn guests like pigeons also settle on balconies, roofs, windowsills or fences and cause a lot of dirt. For this purpose, you can find bird repellent spikes or bird repellent spirals at Relaxdays to drive away the unwanted animals.