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Get the best out of your plants!

Whether it is an allotment garden, a balcony, a terrace or your own garden behind the house - anyone who is passionate about gardening knows that the greatest success is a beautiful display of flowers or your own harvest. To achieve this, you often have to deal with negative influences. For one thing, there are malicious pests, stressful weather, poor soil or faulty watering. One wrong move or a hailstorm and your favourite plant will drop its leaves and your strawberries will no longer bear fruit. To avoid this, you will find a wide range of helpful accessories for garden and plants at Relaxdays. You can have your perfect greenhouse or raised bed delivered directly to your door. Furthermore you can also find various climbing aids for your hollyhock or ivy. The climbing aids are available in different designs and styles so that every hobby gardener can find the perfect piece for their garden. Our plant supports and rose arches also help your plants to unfold their full glory. Every plant has its own requirements. That's why you can order different planters, flower pots and hanging baskets at Relaxdays! Find everything you need to make your garden shine in full form and colour.

Optimal harvest with the Relaxdays greenhouses

Fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden still taste best! To ensure that planting your own crops works properly, a greenhouse is advisable. Greenhouses protect against pests and store heat. This way, especially sensitive young plants are well protected until they can be released into the garden. Here you will find various greenhouses for different fruits and vegetables. Whether for herbs, tomatoes or berries - the individual greenhouses are perfectly designed for the respective plants and support their growth. Our walk-in greenhouses offer enough space for all your vegetables. The weatherproof and UV-resistant tarpaulins offer protection from the weather. Our greenhouses with windows also allow perfect ventilation. On different levels you will find space for tomatoes, parsley, lettuce or peppers. Are you looking for a greenhouse for your balcony? No problem! The Relaxdays greenhouses with wheels are particularly space-saving and flexible to transport. You only want a mini greenhouse for indoors? With our indoor greenhouses with cover you can grow cuttings or pot plants.

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