Bamboo Bath Tray Bathtub Caddy Bridge Tub Butler Bath Shelf Wooden Extendible

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Make the most out of your relaxation time with this bathtub bridge! It includes a book support to keep your books dry while you bathe, as well as a wine glass holder where you can securely store your wine or champagne glasses. 

The bath tray is adjustable in width and fits most standard-sized bathtubs. The bamboo material impresses with its chic natural properties which make it ideal for moist or humid rooms.

Details on the Bathtub Tray
• Minimum size: HxWxD: approx 17.5 x 70 x 22 cm
• Maximum size: HxWxD: approx 17.5 x 100 x 22 cm
• Weight: approx 1.5 kg
• Size of book support: approx 14 x 22.5 cm
• Recessed surface: HxWxD: approx 1.5 x 23 x 18 cm
• Material: Bamboo, stainless steel frame
• Width adjustable between 70 and 100 cm

Practical, Multipurpose Bath Caddy
• Folding book support
• For all books at least as big as a paperback, smaller books will not hold!
• Wine glass holder
• Recessed surface for small accessories
• With grooves to allow water to drain out

Bath Tub Butler for your Wellness Experience
• Take your relaxing evening to the next level
• For wellness and a luxurious experience
• Enjoy a candlelit bath with a glass of wine and a good book - Fully indulge!
• Large surface for your mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Included in Delivery
• Bathtub tray
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


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