Bath Mats & Shower Curtains

Bathroom textiles for your wellness oasis

You come into the cold bathroom first thing in the morning and have to warm up with a hot shower. But when getting ready in the morning, you quickly get cold feet on the icy tiles in the bathroom. Bathroom textiles can help, and they are also decorative and can turn your bathroom into a real wellness oasis with a feel-good character. Discover our selection of different bathroom textiles for your purposes now!

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Make yourself comfortable with bath mats, bath rugs & more

Whether in front of the bathtub, the shower or the toilet - bath rugs and mats are a must in a comfortable bathroom. Get warm feet and a relaxed atmosphere with Relaxdays bath mats and bathroom sets. Set colourful accents with our colourful textiles or create a simple look with grey bath mats. You can choose between different materials and designs. While strong colours or the natural bamboo look particularly well on white tiles and harmonise wonderfully with them, you can create a friendly ambience with bathroom textiles in light colours on darker backgrounds. Our bath mats made of soft memory foam fit perfectly to your feet and are super comfortable and soft. But bamboo bath mats also protect you from the cold with their heat-insulating underside. In addition, our bath rugs and bath mats are non-slip, so that accidents on wet tiles are also almost impossible. With the practical bathroom sets, you can also decorate the floor of your bathroom in a uniform and decorative way. Browse through our range and give your bathroom a cosy flair.

How to find the right shower curtain

The cause of damp floors in the bathroom is usually showering - especially if you only have a bathtub. You can't close it properly, so it's not uncommon for the entire bathroom to be under water after a quick shower in the morning. But with reliable shower curtains and shower blinds, this no longer has to happen to you. Our shower curtains are water-repellent and made of quick-drying PVC, and by rolling them up, they simply disappear from the ceiling of your bathroom and out of sight. Depending on the model, our shower curtains are transparent or semi-transparent. The Relaxdays shower curtains are made of 100% polyester, are also water-repellent, mould-resistant and washable. So if it should ever get dirty, you can wash your shower curtain in the washing machine. In addition, the Relaxdays shower curtains are extra opaque if you want a little more privacy while showering or bathing.
Our shower blinds and shower curtains are available in great, decorative designs, such as nature photos, playful motifs, geometric patterns or also in a simple look. So even with bath curtains you can conjure up a real eye-catcher in your bathroom.

Buy high-quality bathroom textiles now at Relaxdays

Make your bathroom a place where everyone can feel comfortable. Say goodbye to cold feet and wet floors in the morning by equipping yourself with bathroom textiles in the design of your choice. You can also discover other matching bathroom accessories or toilet accessories and completely redesign your home with Relaxdays. Get it now!