Toilet Accessories

The bathroom is one of the rooms in which hygiene and order are most important. But the visual appearance should not be neglected either. That's why you'll find all the useful accessories for your toilet in our range - in great and functional designs. Browse through toilet sets or toilet brushes now and spice up your toilet at home!
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Hygienic and useful - with toilet paper holder, toilet brush holder and co!

Even when it comes to accessories for the toilet, there are definitely different ways to store the necessary utensils and aids. In our shop, you have the choice between practical toilet sets, individual toilet paper holders, toilet brushes, toilet brush holders and replacement toilet brush heads. Our toilet sets combine everything you need in one item: you get a toilet paper holder in combination with a toilet brush and some models also have a roll holder for unused toilet paper. Among our toilet sets, you will even find those with an integrated magazine holder or a shelf for small objects or smartphones. This makes every visit to the toilet a relaxed experience and everything important is stored in the same place to save space.
If you are not necessarily looking for a combination solution, you will still find what you are looking for. Of course, we also offer separate toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders. So you can put them together according to your taste and also use the upright toilet paper storage for several rolls of toilet paper. The open Relaxdays toilet brush holders are extremely compact and hardly stand out in the overall appearance of your bathroom, but the closed versions are also recommended, especially to avoid unpleasant odours. But even with conscientious use, no toilet brush head lasts forever. That's why you can also stock up on enough replacement heads in our shop to always have a clean toilet area.

Toilet accessories that are eye-catchers in the bathroom

When you buy new toilet accessories, they should not only be functional, but also look good. Most bathrooms are small and offer little space for decorative elements, so the simplest and most functional objects should create a pleasant atmosphere. That's why at Relaxdays you'll find toilet sets in many different designs that match every style of furnishing. Chose between simple, mirrored brush holders for the classic bathroom, elegant toilet roll holders for modern rooms or the warm wooden look for a cosy wellness oasis. We offer toilet accessories made of the following materials, often combined:

  • Steel
  • chrome
  • ceramic
  • stainless steel
  • metal
  • bamboo
  • Glass
Our high-quality products are also embellished with details made of marble, glass or other materials. Depending on your taste and material, you can also choose from different colours or lacquers:
  • Silver
  • black
  • copper
  • white
  • wood/nature

Order toilet sets and more now at Relaxdays

It doesn't matter if they only serve their simple purpose or if they are supposed to brighten up your wet room at home: Toilet brush holders and toilet paper holders are essential for every toilet. Therefore, choose one of the reliable and stylish alternatives from Relaxdays. You can also discover other matching bathroom accessories and bathroom textiles in our online shop. Browse now!