White Bath Caddy Bamboo Bathtub Tray Wooden Shelf Rack Surface for Bathing

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There’s nothing quite like taking a hot and relaxing bath after a long day of work. This handy bath caddy will provide extra storage space for all your bathroom utensils like shampoo, shower gel, soap or loofahs. Sometimes the rim of the tub is too narrow to store all these items. This extra bathtub shelf is the perfect storage solution for all your products.

The bath caddy fits most standard-sized bathtubs. The curved cut-outs on the support rails ensure that the tray fits your tub without slipping or falling. The wide surface provides ample space for all your bathing supplies. It is made of natural bamboo and is lacquered white. The material is moisture-resistant and thus ideal for use in the bathroom.

Details on the Bathtub Caddy
• Total size: HxWxD: ca 4 x 65 x 15 cm
• Size per compartment: ca 50 x 11.5 cm
• Weight: ca 0.7 kg
• Material: Bamboo
• For standard-sized tubs

Bamboo Bath Tray
• With slats
• For soap, shampoo, loofahs, etc.
• Decor for your bathtub
• Suitable surface for books, tablet and wine glasses
• Modest design

Natural Bamboo Material
• Moisture-resistant
• Very light and robust
• Naturally lovely and decorative
• Sustainable construction

Included in Delivery
• Bamboo bath tray
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included

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