Play Corner

A paradise for children

With Relaxdays you can transform your little one's room into a true play paradise! With the ball pool, crawling tunnel, play tent and puzzle mats, every child's room becomes a place where there are no limits to creativity, adventure and fun. Here your children can not only play and have fun, but also learn and discover new things.

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Learning through play in the children's room

When children play, they don't just have fun, they learn at the same time. Most toys promote creativity, dexterity, endurance and also physical movement. With Relaxdays you can turn your little one's nursery into a playground where they learn and play. On our washable play mats, your kids can let their imagination and fantasy run wild. In our colourful play tunnel, children can really let off steam and go exploring. With our play mat puzzle, the little ones get to know letters and numbers better and can put the pieces together as they like. The street play mat works in a similar way. With the Relaxdays toys for the children's room, your little ones will learn about their environment through play. Discover the right accessories for your home here.

Great tents for children

Not every day the weather allows children to play outside. So that your children can still have fun and experience lots of great things, you can now bring the adventure to your home! Our children's tents let your kids dive into completely new environments. Choose from a wide variety of motifs and designs: from a haunted castle to a fire brigade, jungle and knight's castle to a police station and dinosaur country - our selection is huge! The tents can be set up super quickly and moved around flexibly thanks to a pop-up function. When the weather is better again, the tent can be carried out with just a flick of the wrist. Here your kids can play, build hiding places and give free rein to their creativity. Find the right tent for your home!

Everything for your little ones

Here you will find everything you need to furnish your child's room: From toys to lamps and shelves to seating furniture . Make it as cosy and homely as possible for your little ones. Order conveniently online at Relaxdays now!