Kitchen Shelves with Tray, Bamboo Storage Unit, White Surface, Rack w/ 3 Shelves

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This charming floor rack provides ample storage room and looks lovely in any home. The high-quality bamboo features a unique wood grain in a rustic, friendly cottage style. The exciting profile makes for a dynamic and modern piece.

The tray can be used to transport potted herbs or serve snacks to guests. The natural charm of the shelving unit also looks great in the bathroom and can be used to store towels, cosmetics and other bath utensils.

Details on the Kitchen Stand with 4 Shelves
• Size: HxWxD: approx 70 x 43 x 33 cm
• Bottom compartment: approx 17 x 40 x 33 cm
• Middle compartment: approx 16.5 x 40 x 33 cm
• Top compartment: approx 17 x 40 x 33 cm
• Distance to floor: approx 5 cm
• Capacity: 15 kg per shelf

Standing Rack with Removable Tray
• Outer size of tray: approx 5.5 x 40 x 33 cm
• Inner size of tray: approx 4 x 37.5 x 30.5 cm
• 2 handles on the tray
• Bamboo, MDF plate
• Weight: approx 5.1 kg

Multipurpose Bamboo Storage Unit
• Natural style for every home
• Shelves with small grooves
• Ample storage space on 4 shelves
• For dishtowels, spices, etc.
• Use in the bathroom for creams, cosmetics, towels, hairdryers, etc.

Bamboo Free-standing Shelf
• Top shelf as tray
• 2 wooden beams hold the tray securely
• Use the tray to transport potted rosemary, basil and thyme
• Use in the kitchen, bathroom or living room

Included in Delivery
• Kitchen rack in pieces
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


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