Doormats from Relaxdays

The first thing most guests see when they visit your house or flat is the doormat. Especially in bad weather, you as well as others will quickly notice that it is missing. Ensure no one brings dirt into your carefully maintained home and make your door a little more inviting by getting yourself a doormat. Discover different variations in a tasteful or playful look now!

Which Doormat is the Right One for You?

At Relaxdays you can find doormats made of coir, rubber, PVC or cast iron. Despite their different properties and looks, they are all reliable and easy to keep clean with water. Our rubber or PVC doormats are weather resistant and trap dust and dirt. Typical of coir doormats, on the other hand, is their naturally rough surface, which absorbs dirt and is resistant to moisture. In addition, most of our doormats have an anti-slip coating for a secure hold on your floor. Cast iron doormats are particularly suitable for outdoor use, as the designs are great for any outdoor and garden with a rustic style. The doormats stand on small rubber feet to avoid scratching the floor. Browse through our high-quality doormats, which are available in a wide variety of designs.

Cheeky Quotes or Stylish Designs - Choose Your Doormat

Simple welcomes on doormats are a thing of the past! Here you will find funny sayings and playful motifs that will make every guest smile the very first time they step over your threshold. The funny doormats often even have different sayings that can be read from two sides. The selection is extremely wide: from witty insults to cute quotes to motivating words, Relaxdays has everything to put you in a good mood when you leave the house or come home in the evening. If sayings and jokes are not the right thing for you, you will also find basic doormats, charming motifs, geometric shapes or simple welcome greetings. Our fancy doormats are also perfect as gifts for friends and family and make great housewarming presents.

Buy Cast Iron, Rubber or Coir Doormats Online at Relaxdays Now

If you've taken a shine to our doormats, then stock up now on some great new versions for your own home. Are you looking for more home accessories for a chic floor? Then take a look at our rugs & runners. If you don't quite like the outside of your home yet, you can also discover high-quality products for it in the Relaxdays online shop.

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