4-Piece Fireplace Companion Knight

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  • Cast iron
  • 4-Piece set
  • Broom, shovel & hooks
  • Medieval design
  • Silver
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4-Piece Fireplace Companion Knight2

Fire Irons Knight

If you own a fireplace, you’ll know that the right companion set for keeping your fire going and cleaning the place out afterwards is vital. This 4-piece fire irons set fulfils all these practical purposes, while impressive with its unique look as well. Instead of a standard rack, a knight in shining armour hold broom, poker and scoop at your disposal. Both the statue itself and the handles of the individual tools are adorned by intricate details. This fireplace accessory set is thus the perfect gift for fans of all things medieval.
4-Piece Fireplace Companion Knight3 4-Piece Fireplace Companion Knight4


  • Fire irons set: 4-Piece set consisting of a broom, poker, shovel and rack - The tools can be hung from the stand
  • For a crackling fire: Poker can fan the fire to extend its duration - Broom and scoop for cleaning stove and fireplace - Baroque-style handles
  • Solid: Made of cast-iron - Heatproof and durable for everyday use - A really decorative eye-catcher
  • Elegant design: A silver knight guards the utensil set - Crafted with many minute details - With a decorative halberd next to the figure - Great gift for fans of a medieval look
  • Details: Poker length: app. 43 cm - Shovel length: app. 44 cm - Broom length: app. 42 cm - Bristle length: app. 7 cm - Total dimensions H x W x D: app. 72 x 21 x 12.5 cm

Cast Iron Accessory Set

  • Tools can be hung from the stand
  • Includes ash shovel, broom and poker
  • Heat-resistant
  • Ideal length for good handling
  • Unusual design with knight


  • 1 x Fire Irons

Fire Irons Set

  • Total size: H x W x D: app. 72 x 21 x 12.5 cm
  • Total weight: app. 7.2 kg
  • Poker length: approx. 43 cm
  • Length ash shovel: app. 44 cm
  • Length broom: app. 42 cm (bristles length: app. 7 cm)
  • Entirely made of nickel-coated cast iron

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