5-Piece Fireplace Companion Set

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  • 5-piece
  • Solid
  • Steel
  • Modern design
  • Heatproof
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5-Piece Fireplace Companion Set2

5-Piece Fireplace Set with Stand

This fire iron set is a pure necessity for cleaning out your fireplace, as well as keeping a good fire going. For this purpose, the kit includes tongs, a poker, shovel and broom. A stand is included to offer you a stylish way of storing the tools after use and always have them at arm’s reach if needed. Featuring a modern and yet modest look, this set is both handy and eye-catching simultaneously.
5-Piece Fireplace Companion Set3 5-Piece Fireplace Companion Set4


  • Fire irons set: 5-Piece set consisting of a broom, poker, tongs, shovel and stand - The tools can be hung from the stand
  • For a crackling fire: Use the tongs to safely place logs into the fire pit - A poker to fan on the flames for longer burning times - Shovel and broom for cleaning of the fireplace
  • Solid: Made of steel with stainless steel handles - Robust and durable fireplace set for everyday use
  • Modern: Black fireplace accessories in vintage design - The fireside tools make for an eye-catching decoration
  • Details: Poker length: app. 53 cm - Shovel length: app. 51 cm - Broom length: app. 53 cm - Bristle length: app. 6 cm - Tongs length: app. 53 cm

Steel Fireplace Tools

  • With stand for storage
  • Tongs for inserting logs and a poker to stoke
  • Broom and shovel for cleaning
  • Keep sufficient distance to the fire
  • Heat-resistant material


  • 1 x Fire Irons

Fire Irons with Stand

  • Stand size: H x W x D: app. 35 x 17 x 17 cm
  • Poker length: app. 53 cm
  • Shovel length: app. 51 cm
  • Broom length: app. 53 cm (Bristles app. 6 cm)
  • Powder-coated steel,stainless steel


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