Lion Antique Door Knocker Cast Iron Bronze-Coloured Knocker for the Front Door

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This splendid yet functional door knocker in the shape of a lion head is the perfect decor for any front door. The knocker emits an antique flair, and the inwrought knocking ring is comfortable to use and fills the room with its sound.

Door Knocker in the Shape of a Lion's Head
• HxWxD: approx 25 x 16 x 11 cm
• Weight: approx 2 kg
• Made of 100% cast iron
• 3 drill holes for door-mounting
• Knocking ring moves up and down

Functional Knocker as Special Flair for the Front Door
• Stylish alternative to a doorbell
• weather-proof
• Robust
• Loud sound
• Easy to mount

Antique Door Knock in Striking Design
• Bronze-coloured
• Highly detailed 
• Artistically distressed design
• Extravagant
• Knocking ring held in lion's mouth

Included in Delivery
• Fully-assembled door knocker
• Decorative items in product photos are not included

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