Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Tyre

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  • Complete wheelbarrow wheel
  • For up to 2.4 bar
  • Shockproof and smooth
  • Axis and ball bearings
  • 2 PR nylon inner tube
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Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Tyre2

Smooth Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Tyre

This pneumatic 4.80 4.00-8 spare tire makes sure that otherwise pesky gardening work can now be done in a more relaxed fashion. The shockproof wheel moves smoothly in uneven terrain and is easily maneuverable for full control. It is made of rubber with a nylon inner tube and a steel rim. An impermeable valve ensures that the reinforced tube is filled up quickly. The robust rim provides even more stability to seal the deal. The included axis works well with the ball bearings for easy use and low wear. That’s how gardening is supposed to be done!
Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Tyre3 Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Tyre4


  • For wheelbarrows: Spare tire for garden cart - Suitable for hand-carts, trolleys and more
  • Heavy duty: Durable rubber wheel with nylon inner tube - 2 PR wheel for up to 120 kg
  • Pneumatic: Wheel can be inflated up to 2.4 bar - Impermeable valve for floor or compressor pumps
  • With axis: Inflatable tire for easy movements - With ball bearings to reduce friction
  • Details: D x W: app. 390 x 90 mm - Steel axle D x B: app. 20 x 150 mm

Spare Tyre for Wheelbarrows

  • Pneumatic wheelbarrow tyre for easy gardening
  • Smooth even on rocky ground
  • Rim with hub, ball bearings and axis
  • Nylon tubing with impermeable valve


  • 1 x Wheelbarrow Spare Tyre 4.80 4.00-8
  • Includes Axle Pin

4..80 4.00-8 Wheelbarrow Tire Details

  • Size wheel: 4.80 4.00-8
  • Diameter wheel: app. 39 cm
  • Width wheel: app. 9 cm
  • Wheel capacity dynamic: app. 120 kg
  • Wheel capacity static: app. 200kg

Pneumatic Wheel with Axle

  • Axle diameter: app. 2 cm
  • Axle length: app. 15 cm
  • Axle thread length: app. 3 cm per side
  • Rubber, nylon and steel

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