Self-Adhesive Frosted Glass Window Film

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  • Protect your privacy
  • For windows and glass surfaces
  • Static - does not use any glue
  • Size: 90 x 200 cm
  • Translucent
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Self-Adhesive Frosted Glass Window Film2

Handy Window Tint 45 x 200 cm

A window film is a nightmare for all curious neighbours and keeps your privacy protected. The frosted glass design makes sure to keep out glances while still letting in sunlight. It clings due to its static nature and impresses with its easy to use properties. There is no residue left on your surface upon removal. You can just cut the foil to size individually. Then, you have to clean the surface you want to use it on with water and some soap. Attach the film and smoothen it to prevent blisters.
Self-Adhesive Frosted Glass Window Film3 Self-Adhesive Frosted Glass Window Film4


  • Protect your privacy: Keep out curious glances without blocking out the sun
  • Static: This window film sticks without any chemicals involved - No glue
  • No residue: This window tint can be removed easily - Reusable
  • Please note: Removing the protective foil before use is crucial
  • Energy-efficient: Keeps in warmth during winter and out during summertime

Handy Window Tint

  • For windows and glass surfaces
  • Opaque foil protects your privacy
  • Static - Does not use any glue
  • Translucent film keeps in warmth during wintertime


  • Cut foil to size
  • Clean glass with soap water and slightly moisturize
  • Remove the protective film and attach to the glass
  • Get rid of blisters and water residue
  • Cut off the edges


  • 1 x Roll of Window Film

Frosted Glass Foil Details

  • Total size: 90 x 200 cm
  • Diameter per roll: app. 3 cm
  • Weight per roll: app. 400 g
  • Made of PVC
  • Frosted glass look

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