Cocktail Set 11-Piece Stainless Steel

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  • 11 Piece set
  • Stainless steel
  • Beginner & Pro
  • With stand
  • Incl. shaker
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Cocktail Set 11-Piece Stainless Steel2

Bar Tools For Cocktails Like A Pro

No home bar should be without all the right tools and with this cocktail shaker set, you’ll be able to impress guests with their favourite drinks. The 11 piece set is made of stainless steel. All the pieces can be put on the included bamboo stand for compact storage. This way it is always at hand and you will never have to rummage for the jigger or waiter knife. There are really no limits when it comes to these bar accessories, whether they’re for the traditional cocktails or your own creations.

The waiter knife is handy for opening cork bottles. And it is always the little details that matter, so the set includes a spoon and a pestle. You can measure liqueurs, juices or other with confidence using the measurer, spoon and the 4 bottle pourers. The bar shaker to mix it all thoroughly and using the inner and outer sieve to strain into a glass. Use the tongs to add extra ice, if required.

Cocktail Set 11-Piece Stainless Steel3 Cocktail Set 11-Piece Stainless Steel4


  • 11 Piece set: Extensive accessory set for your home bar - Includes waiter knife to open bottles
  • Preparation time: With jigger, bar spoon, bottle pourer and pestle for getting the recipes right
  • Mix: Use the cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients well - For Cuba Libre, Mojito, Martini, etc.
  • To serve: Sieve for straining your finished drink into the glass- Tongs for adding ice, if need be
  • Must-have: It’s no party without those tasty cocktails - Great gift for amateur barkeepers and pros

Pro Bartender Set For At Home

  • 11 Piece set for pro & beginner
  • Quality stainless steel accessories
  • Bamboo stand for compact storage
  • Sieve integrated lidded shaker
  • Ideal for parties or as a gift


  • 1x Shaker
  • 1x Tongs
  • 1x Jigger
  • 1x Sieve
  • 1x Gin Spoon
  • 1x Cocktail Pestle
  • 1x Waiter Knife
  • 4x Bottle Pourers
  • 1x Stand

Cocktail Set At A Glance

  • Weighs a total of app. 890 g
  • Made of rust-free stainless steel and bamboo
  • In silver and natural

11 Piece Bar Set With Stand

  • Shaker capacity : app. 680 ml
  • Double ended jigger: app. 10 / 25 ml
  • App. 15 cm long tongs
  • Pestle H x D: app. 20.5 x 3.3 cm
  • Drink strainer H x W x D: app. 15.5 x 11 x 3 cm
  • App. 25 cm long gin spoon
  • Each bottle pourer H x D: app. 11 x 3 cm
  • Waiter knife H x W x D: app. 12 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm