Relaxdays products for washing and drying

Washing, hanging and drying laundry can quickly become a science. Is the washing machine too noisy? Where and how do I hang my wet laundry best? For relaxed washing and drying you need the right equipment and in no time at all you'll be having fun doing your everyday household tasks. Discover Relaxdays washing and drying products that make your life easier!
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Making washing clothes a pleasure

Our entire household department is all about making the most tedious cleaning and washing tasks in your home an experience. What's more, our household gadgets are practical, versatile and can even help you save money! An electric tumble dryer, for example, consumes quite a lot of energy and is therefore not always beneficial for your wallet and the environment. However, if you want to dry laundry quickly and efficiently and save money at the same time, we recommend our dryer balls. They not only make your laundry less creased in the dryer, but also consume less energy, as the drying process is completed faster with their use.
If, on the other hand, you are worried about the peace and quiet in your neighbourhood when your washing machine spins particularly hard or if you have to do a quick wash in the evening, vibration dampers for the washing machine are the right thing for you. They help you to reduce the noise of your washing machine and also not to annoy your neighbours. Below you can read more about the different ways you can hang your clothes in different places after washing!

Not all clothes drying racks are the same

Depending on where you want to dry which clothes, there are different alternatives that may be suitable for your purposes. A clothes horse is appropriate if you want to hang shirts or blouses on a hanger to avoid unnecessary creases and folds. If you decide on an outdoor clothes horse, you can set up one of our rotary clothes dryers in your garden at home, which allows you to dry your clothes in a space-saving way. Our range includes articles with a stand or a ground spike. In principle, you can install a clothesline anywhere where there is a wall to attach it to. This variant is particularly suitable for narrow areas. But you can also find classic fold-out or extendable clothes racks in our household shop. Since they can be used flexibly and are easy to store, you can hang up your laundry anywhere - whether on the balcony or in the flat.

Practical solutions for drying laundry where space is limited

If you don't have a lot of space in your home to do your laundry, you can benefit from our useful, space-saving clothes dryers. The Relaxdays hanging dryer can easily be hung over any heater and ensures that your clothes are quickly warm and dry. Our useful wall-mounted clothes horse, on the other hand, can be easily attached to any wall and is especially suitable for small balconies or living rooms, as you can push it together when you don't need it.

Find the right products now for beautifully groomed laundry

Browse through our range of washing and drying products and find the perfect solution for your home. Choose the perfect clothes horse and round off your purchase with one of our decorative laundry baskets or get some clothes pegs. For an extra neat wardrobe, you can use our functional folding boards and never have to struggle with folding your clothes again. Shop now!