10 Pairs Bamboo Chopsticks

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  • For 10 place settings
  • For eating dishes
  • Food safe
  • Made of bamboo
  • Natural
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10 Pairs Bamboo Chopsticks2

Far Eastern Eating Trend

Enjoy Oriental and Indo-Asian food in true style and leave out the fork and knife at the table or out ‘n’ about. An ideal set of 10 pairs of chopsticks for the genuine looking dining experience, whether salads, sushi, or main rice or noodle dishes. Conveniently made of bamboo, a food-safe material, the chopsticks are naturally the ideal tool. Easy to handle, lightweight and disposable make the chopsticks perfect for eating out in the open, whether with friends or family.

10 Pairs Bamboo Chopsticks3 10 Pairs Bamboo Chopsticks4

Asian Eating Utensils

  • Real Asian chopsticks
  • Suitable for eating
  • Easy to handle
  • Natural bamboo
  • Disposable


  • 10x Pairs Of Chopsticks

10 Pairs Chopsticks Overview

  • 24 cm long
  • 4 cm diameter at the bottom
  • Size at top H x W: app. 4 x 5 cm
  • Each stick weighs app. 4 g
  • Made of bamboo for natural look



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