Season properly with Relaxdays spice mills and spice carousels

Every dish requires a certain amount of seasoning and the use of the right herbs and salts. If you are a passionate hobby cook, you have certainly already accumulated quite a few spices. But the more you have, the more confusing your collection often becomes. With practical spice carousels, salt and pepper shakers and spice mills, you can find a remedy and bring order to your kitchen. Browse through our spice products now!

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You'll get the hang of it with our spice carousels

A spice carousel is extremely versatile: Not only can you store all your spices and herbs in a space-saving way, but you also have your favourites ready to hand at any time to refine home-cooked dishes. The rotating spice racks allow you to quickly grab a spice and get started. What's more, they impress with their decorative look. The high-quality carousels made of stainless steel or plastic are available in black, silver or copper and thus spice up any kitchen counter. Depending on the model, they hold between 8 and 20 jars, so even if you're a real spice fan, you should be able to fit all your favourites!

Salt and pepper - ground or sprinkled?

Unlike other spices, salt and pepper get their own space in many households away from the spice rack full of fancy herbs and powders. They are often placed directly on the dining table to spice up any dish as desired. That's why you will also find an extensive selection of salt and pepper mills, but also salt and pepper shakers in sets in our online shop. Our spice mills with ceramic grinders allow you to grind salt, pepper or other spices fresh onto your plate or into your salad bowl every day. Here, too, you can choose between many different models that suit your taste or your interior style. Discover salt and pepper mills made of birch wood in black, red or white as well as spice mills made of stainless steel in silver or copper look. Our salt and pepper shakers made of glass and stainless steel also look great!

Order seasoning products now at Relaxdays

Bring some spice into your kitchen and order the matching storage containers for your spice collection. Be it spice carousels, spice mills or spice shakers - at Relaxdays you are guaranteed to find the right product for you. How about some more kitchen articles? You can also order chopping boards and knives, useful kitchen gadgets and other practical storage containers. Equip your kitchen with Relaxdays now!