Waste Bins

A rubbish bin is one of those household items that are needed in every home, because it ensures cleanliness and hygiene. But apart from the type of waste bin, the appearance also plays an important role. After all, you don't want your waste bin to clash with your stylish furnishings. That's why you'll find a variety of different waste bins in various designs. Browse now and order your perfect waste bin today!

Not all rubbish bins are the same - our selection

The Relaxdays waste bins are divided into seven models: organic waste bins, built-in waste bins, waste bins with sensor, waste bins, waste separation systems, pedal bins and table waste bins. Of course, choosing the right bin is primarily a matter of personal taste, but there are still a few things you can look out for. The organic waste bin should be the smallest bin in your kitchen, as bacteria and unpleasant odours can collect if it is not emptied regularly. For a built-in bin, you should first check whether your worktop or kitchen unit has the space you need and meets the requirements. Regular cleaning of a bin is very easy, as warm water and a little washing-up liquid or vinegar are enough to keep it clean. If it is very dirty, you can also fill your bin with hot water and detergent for a longer period of time and let it soak.

Waste separation systems for orderly waste disposal

If you may not need a waste bin in other rooms, it is indispensable in the kitchen. This is usually where most waste of various kinds accumulates. Organic waste, plastic, paper and residual waste all need to be disposed of - preferably separately. Our waste separation systems are perfect for this. In our shop, you will find either built-in waste bins with two to four chambers or a floor-standing waste bin with sensor and three different chambers. The built-in bins also have a lid and thus keep odours out, while the Relaxdays waste separation system with sensor is odour-proof. Make sorting your kitchen waste easier and keep your home clean. You can buy your own waste separation system for as little as €60!

Waste bins for every room

Open waste paper baskets are particularly suitable for any room where you work at a desk, as most of the waste paper is odourless anyway. Discover stylish solutions for those bins that are not quite as easy to hide as others. Choose between the classic metal or wire mesh, a model made of bamboo or practical metal 3-piece sets in a modern design and in the colours black or white. Distribute the open bins in every room where smaller paper or plastic waste needs to be disposed of.

Why pedal bins and waste bins with sensor are so practical

Especially when your hands are full, it is always extremely useful to have a pedal bin or even a bin with a motion sensor that is powered by batteries. You walk to the bin with both hands loaded and never get into trouble again or risk dropping everything. Our free-standing bins also look great: browse through stainless steel, bamboo and steel bins in a stylish wooden look, black, silver or white. At Relaxdays you are guaranteed to find the perfect waste bin to suit your taste and interior style.

Shop online for waste bins at Relaxdays now

Also useful tools for your everyday waste are waste compactors and kitchen waste trays. With waste compactors you can, for example, press paper waste down in the cardboard bin to have more space. Kitchen waste trays are perfect for collecting excess peelings directly when cutting fruit and vegetables and disposing of them later without anything going astray. If you are still looking for more bins, our cosmetic bins for the bathroom might be something for you. Order now at Relaxdays and enjoy your new bins in just a few days!

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