Bamboo Serving Board, with Grey Slate and Handle, Rustic, Chopping Board

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The board emits a rustic charm and the modest board is perfect for stylishly presenting any dish at your next grill party or Renaissance festival. The cutting board is made of antibacterial bamboo and includes a removable slate board. Both materials are highly robust and easy to clean. Food can be prepared on the board before serving.

When you are done using the board, simply hang it up by the handle.

Bamboo Serving Board

• Total size: HxWxD: approx 1.8 x 45 x 22.5 cm
• Size of slate: approx 0.5 x 30 x 22 cm
• Diameter of handle: approx 1.8 x 9.5 x 5 cm
• Board weight: approx 0.6 kg, Slate weight: approx 1.1 kg
• Total weight: approx 1.7 kg

Chopping Board with Slate
• Practical handle
• Perfect for serving dishes like tarte flambee, pizza, bread, fish and meat
• An ideal work surface
• The board is made of antibacterial, oiled bamboo, the chopping surface is made of robust slate
• Removable slate board

Massive Serving Board
• Colour: Natural bamboo, grey slate
• Rustic serving board for rural dishes
• Perfect accessory for markets and Renaissance fairs
• Wash with water and mild washing up liquid
• The slate conserves heat from food

Included in Delivery
• 1x serving board with slate
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


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