Retro Wooden Nutcracker

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  • Retro design
  • Wooden grip
  • Adjustable
  • Power saving
  • Stable
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Retro Wooden Nutcracker2

Adjustable Lever Nutcracker

Whether it is a soft hazelnut or a hard walnut: This retro nutcracker is able to crack them all open. The optimal size can be adjusted thanks to the attached screw. The lever allows you to not have to apply too much strength. There is also no danger to your fingers. The cool retro design of the item turns it into an eye-catching feature in any room. Its pedestal is naturally grained. Its underside has two protective pads to avoid scratches. 

Retro Wooden Nutcracker3 Retro Wooden Nutcracker4


  • Versatile: Nutcracker to open nuts of all sizes - Hard shells are no obstacle
  • Save yourself the effort: Less strength thanks to lever system - No danger for your fingers
  • Adjustable: The opening can be adjusted depending on nut size - Simply turn screw
  • Eye-catching: The retro design of the nutcracker catches the attention on the dining table or kitchen
  • Protective: The base of the cracker has two sponge rubber pads - No scratches

Vintage Nutcracker

  • For all nut sizes
  • No harm to your fingers
  • Adjustable opening
  • Minimal strength required
  • Sponge rubber anti-scratch pads


  • 1x Nutcracker

Retro Wooden Nutcracker at a Glance

  • Size H x W x D: app. 15.5 x 23.5 x 5 cm
  • Length of lever: app. 23 cm
  • Metal and wood
  • Weighs app. 0.56 kg