Round Bamboo Pot Holder Set of 4 Potholders for Pots and Pans Wood Wooden Set

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Protect your countertops and tables from burn marks and scratches with this set of 4 robust pot holders! Set pots, pans, bowls, casserole dishes, etc. on top of them while cooking, or use them to protect your dining table and disk from hot plates, cups and tea kettles. The potholders are made of natural bamboo wood, a quickly renewable material that is also sustainable and highly robust and hard. The top surface is lacquered, so food bits can easily be wiped off.

Details on the Wooden Potholders
• Size: approx 0.8 x 20 x 20 cm
• Weight per pot holder: approx 120 g
• Material: Bamboo, glued and lacquered
• Colour: Natural brown

Pot Holders for Every Surface
• Decorative grid look with natural bamboo wood grain
• For pots, pans, plates, cups, etc.
• Protects surfaces from scratches and burns
• Set of 4
• Wipe off to clean

Included in Delivery
• 4 round bamboo potholders
• Decorative items in product photos are not included


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