T Shirt Folding Board Flip and Fold Large Blue Folder Aid for Shirts Towels

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Do you have laundry piling up at home that you just don't have the energy to neatly fold? With this folding board, it takes just seconds to fold all your shirts, jumpers and trousers to one uniform size and effortlessly stack them in your closet or wardrobe. Easily fold shirts up to size XXL, larger t-shirts and shirts must be folded once beforehand.

The folder includes instructions that explain how to fold any garment in just 7 easy steps. This way, all your garments will fit effortlessly in your closet without wasting time or energy. When you are no longer using the t-shirt board, simply fold it together and store it to save space.

Details on the 2nd Generation Large T-Shirt Folder
• Size open: HxWxD: approx 0.5 x 70.5 x 59 cm
• Size folded: HxWxD: approx 1.5 x 24 x 59 cm
• Material: Plastic
• Colour: Blue
• With illustrated step-by-step instructions

Laundry Folding Board
• For t-shirts, sweaters, pants, etc.
• Folds clothes wrinkle-free to a DIN A4 size
• Easy to use
• Up to size XXL
• Space-saving storage

Included in Delivery
• 1x folding board with stamped in instructions
• Illustrated instruction manual
• Decorative items in product photos are not included

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