White Clothes Drying Rack

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  • Dry your laundry
  • For balcony railing or radiators
  • Space-saving
  • Adjust gradually
  • For in- and outdoors
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White Clothes Drying Rack2

Adjustable Clothes Drying Rack

You can use this rack to hang and let your clothes dry on a radiator or balcony railing. There is plenty of storage space for dish towels or smaller pieces of clothing such as socks or underwear. The clothesline can also be hanged on open doors or shower screens. The drying rack can be gradually adjusted and stored in a space-saving manner for it to be taken on the next camping trip. The robust material is suitable for in- and outdoors.

Tip: Take the rack inside when it rains.

White Clothes Drying Rack3 White Clothes Drying Rack4


  • Multifunctional: Drying rack for radiators or balconies to hang your socks, towels and more
  • Space-saving: The small clothesline has a total length of 3 m - Saves space in the bathroom
  • Efficient: The mini rack can be hanged on doors or showers - Multiple hanging options
  • Flexible: The holder of the drying rack can be gradually adjusted to the radiators or balconies
  • Robust: The laundry dryer is made of steel and suitable for in- and outdoors, as well as for camping trips

Clothesline for Balconies & Radiators

  • Space-saving
  • For heaters, balcony railings, showers or doors
  • For small pieces of clothing
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Perfect for travel


  • 1x Drying rack

Clothes Horse in Detail

  • Total size H x W: app. 16 x 52 cm
  • Adjustable depth: app. 34 - 54 cm
  • Drying surface W x D: app. 48 x 29 cm
  • Total drying length: 3 m
  • Distance between rungs: app. 5.5 cm
  • Made of steel and plastic
  • In white and grey

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