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Stools for the living room and everywhere else

Putting something down, stowing blankets or offering a seat to an extra guest - there are many small situations in everyday life for which you sometimes want a real all-round piece of furniture. A stool is ideally suited for this. Available in all shapes and colours, you can discover the perfect sitting or storage stool for your four walls at Relaxdays!

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Flexible storage stools for small items and belongings

Practical and chic combined: That's what we like best. This dream comes true with a storage stool. Thanks to a lid that hides a cavity, the stool offers space for all the little things that are not needed all the time or simply need to disappear quickly when visitors are approaching. Blankets, cushions, toys and odds and ends can be conveniently stored inside.
At Relaxdays you will find foldable models in cube shape or hexagonal as well as variants with stylish wooden legs. Choose between fabric-covered stools in different colours, with or without a motif. Simple tones and a straight-lined look fit perfectly into your modern interior style, while a light-coloured storage stool with wooden legs goes wonderfully with Scandinavian style. If you are more into retro or kitsch, you will also find interesting motifs, faux leather or faux fur stools. Versions made of bamboo are also part of the Relaxdays range.

How to make a stool a practical eye-catcher in your home

However, you can not only use your upholstered stool or cube seat to store your belongings, but also for many other purposes. First and foremost, a stool with a lid might not appeal to you, but on the other hand, there are other great ways to use stools. We have compiled a list of them for you:

  • Putting your feet up: If your couch isn't the biggest or you like to relax in the armchair of your reading corner from time to time, you can use one of our stools to put your tired feet up after a long day and just relax.
  • As a couch or side table: Especially when you have visitors and the space on the compact coffee table is limited, a stool can also serve as a shelf for remote controls, magazines or snacks. Especially in small flats, you often need multifunctional pieces of furniture. Due to its light weight, you can also carry the stool flexibly from A to B and use it temporarily as a side table or bedside table.
  • Home accessory with recognition value: If you have free corners in your home for which you are still looking for a great decorative element, a stool is the perfect solution. Use it as an eye-catcher, for example, by using one of our velvet-covered or faux-fur pieces that are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.
  • Simple and easy to sit on: Guests, small children or you yourself can take a seat on the stool comfortably and, above all, not restricted by backrests. An upholstered stool or cube seat also looks great in front of less frequently used desks or dressing tables.

Buy a stool online now at Relaxdays

At Relaxdays, we attach great importance to an extremely diverse range that meets every taste and is also constantly being expanded. Choose the perfect stool for your home and look forward to your latest, flexible piece of furniture. How about a stool as a play chest? If you haven't found a model that suits you yet, take another look at our children's seating furniture. There you will find more storage stools with childlike motifs.
Order now free of shipping costs at Relaxdays and benefit from our fast delivery times!