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Warm rays of sunshine welcome spring and summer is soon not far away. Especially in large cities and apartment buildings, people are driven to their balconies to enjoy sunny days together. With the right balcony furniture, the dream of breakfast outdoors or cosy get-togethers on balmy summer nights with a few drinks can soon become reality. Browse through our range and find out what Relaxdays has to offer for your perfect balcony.

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How to save space with our balcony furniture

You can choose from various products to furnish and design your balcony. Stylish balcony furniture sets offer you furniture that fits together perfectly and looks good at the same time. Decorative chair cushions are visually appealing and ensure that you always sit comfortably. In addition, balcony hanging tables are particularly practical small pieces of furniture for a small balcony. In any case, our weatherproof balcony furniture is always ideally suited.
For many people, the balcony is the top selection criterion when looking for a flat, but often you have to make compromises and settle for very little space. It seems impossible to hang laundry on the balcony and also to be able to have breakfast at a table. The balcony hanging table provides a remedy. Our models are easy to attach to railings of different thicknesses and are also height-adjustable. When you don't need them, the hanging tables can simply be folded down and you have space for other things or to move around freely. Choose from a classic wooden balcony table or a plastic table in rattan look with a metal frame. The wooden table supports a natural look and guarantees a cosy atmosphere, while the rattan look is extremely modern and the table is above all easy to clean. If you have a little more space available, you can enjoy our balcony furniture set in antique bronze design. The table and chairs are made of coated aluminium and support a romantic balcony. To sit comfortably and warmly, you can also order chair cushion sets in appealing colours in the Relaxdays online shop and set colourful accents.

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Soon you will be able to enjoy your meals and wonderful hours with your loved ones on your newly designed balcony. If you are still looking for more great accessories for your little oasis of well-being, then discover the Relaxdays wind wheels and our decorative solutions for placing your favourite plants. Shop online and free of shipping costs at Relaxdays!