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A balcony can be so many things: a retreat, a hobby, a substitute for a garden, a quiet zone or a place to get together. No matter what your balcony is for you - with us you will find everything to make this place cosy. Browse through our colourful selection of plant accessories for your balcony.

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Fantastic blooms on your balcony

Not every plant does equally well on every balcony. There are many different factors that can limit the flowering of your plants. That's why you should be very careful when choosing plants and flowers. In the following, we have briefly listed the most important aspects so that your balcony can shine in a beautiful green.

Compass direction:
The orientation of your balcony is particularly important when choosing plants. Depending on the direction of the compass, the sun will shine on your balcony with different intensity and for different lengths of time. A balcony facing north, for example, has only shade. A south-facing balcony, on the other hand, gets a lot of sun. Sun- and heat-resistant plants such as dahlias or herbs like lavender and thyme are suitable here. Balconies facing west or east are in partial shade. Here you can be a little more flexible in your choice of plants. With the Relaxdays flower stands and plant stairs you can always place selected plants in an elevated position so that they still get some sun.

Nature of the balcony:
Every plant has its own needs. Some need a lot of space, others a lot of water. Resources are often limited on the balcony. Especially when it comes to space, you usually have to limit yourself. Therefore, when choosing your plants, you should check how big they can still grow, for example. If you do not have enough space, you will have to switch to smaller plants. Climbing and climbing plants can also be an option if you have enough space. Here, too, you can use the Relaxdays flower stools & steps.

Watering options:
Before you cover your balcony with flowers and plants, you should be aware that the plants also need water. Many balconies are covered and rainwater does not reach them. If space is limited, you probably won't have the option of a rain barrel. In this case you can use the Relaxdays watering spheres. These allow you to water potted plants for up to two weeks without having to look after them. This way you can make watering your plants easy.

Your own green oasis with Relaxdays

Click through our large assortment of balcony and plant accessories and set up your own green oasis. So you always have a natural patch of green within reach to relax and enjoy. Find the right items now and order everything conveniently to your home today.