Pinwheels by Relaxdays - Create playful accents

Even on the balcony or in the garden, it is nice when the children have something to see and a few colourful decorations embellish the overall picture. The Relaxdays pinwheels always make a statement and offer a magical spectacle for young and old even in a mild breeze. Discover our range of great pinwheels for your home now!

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Windmills for young and old

Let children's eyes light up with pinwheels in floral or animal designs. Colourful flowers, classic shapes, owls or ladybirds become real eye-catchers. As soon as the wind blows a little, the wheels start to turn and the flags start to flutter. At Relaxdays you can find compact as well as large pinwheels, which you can easily assemble and then stick into the soil of your flower bed or flower pot on the balcony or garden. The weatherproof material ensures that you can enjoy your decorative elements for a long time. Our pinwheels have a robust rod made of wood or hard plastic, which is also what the wheels are made of.

Buy pinwheels online at Relaxdays now

Make your children happy with the cute Relaxdays pinwheels. Redesign your balcony and watch them dance in the wind. Are you looking for something different or are you interested in high-quality sound games that also offer a pleasant background noise? Then take a look at our wind chimes. Order now online and free of shipping costs at Relaxdays!