Canvas Wardrobe Clothes Rail Set

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  • Adjustable wardrobe
  • With clothes rail
  • 3 Drawers
  • 5 Compartments
  • Sturdy frame
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Canvas Wardrobe Clothes Rail Set2

Large Foldable Wardrobe for Shoes and Clothing

This spacious canvas wardrobe is ideal for neatly organising your clothes and shoe collection, either at home or as a camping accessory. The sturdy metal frame makes it particularly stable. A fabric cover protects your clothes from dust. 5 Compartments and 3 drawers offer large storage space. Its simple yet practical design with clothes rail make it a great addition to your home. This foldable wardrobe is lightweight and easy to assemble.

Canvas Wardrobe Clothes Rail Set3 Canvas Wardrobe Clothes Rail Set4


  • Organiser: Large fabric wardrobe with zipper cover - Easy plug-in system - Various colours
  • Clothes rail: Hang shirts, jackets, skirts and more - Set includes 30 hangers
  • Storage: Large canvas wardrobe with 5 tiers, 3 drawers for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc.
  • Practical: Compact closet for home - Great addition to your bedroom or hallway - Also for camping
  • Basics: Total size H x W x D: app. 172.5 x 111.5 x 43.5 cm - Stable metal frame

Stable Foldable Closed - Multipurpose

  • Sturdy steel frame and fabric cover
  • Easy assembly with plug-in system
  • Store clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc.
  • 5 Compartments and 3 foldable drawers
  • Clothes rail for hanging shirts, jackets
  • Ideal in the hallway, bedroom or for travel


  •  1x Fabric Closet in Pieces
  •  3 x Drawers
  •  1x Cover
  •  30 x Hangers

Fabric Closet Overview

  • Size H x W x D: 172.5 x 111.5 x 43.5 cm
  • Inside drawer H x W x D: app. 20 x 33 x 40.5 cm
  • Hanger H x W x D: 22 x 38.5 x 0.5 cm each, 30 g
  • Weighs app. 5.5 kg
  • Max. 45 kg capacity
  • Steel, fabric, plastic
  • In different colours

Covered Clothes Rail with Compartments

  • Small compartments app.30 x 36 cm
  • Distance small tiers H: app. 23.5, 32 cm
  • Large compartments app. 64.5 x 36 cm
  • Distance large tiers H: 23.5 cm
  • Distance to rail: app. 130 cm
  • Clothes rail W x D: app. 64.5 x 1.4 cm