Clothes Hangers with Clips Dress Trouser Pant Hanger Set Black 10 Pack Non Slip

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These clothes hangers are perfect for hanging up elegant attire and trousers, as they feature trouser clamps. The non-slip coating prevents garments from slipping off. The coat hangers are made of metal with a black, PVC coating. The rounded, wide outer edges maintain the shape of the shoulders of jackets so they do not wrinkle 

Details on the Clothes Hanger Set
• Length: 42 cm
• Height: 22.5 cm
• Width: 3 cm
• Weight: 0.4 kg
• Material: Metal with a PVC coating
• Colour: black and silver

Non-Slip Coat Hangers
• Perfect for wrinkle-free fancy garment storage
• Non-slip coating prevents clothes from falling off
• Wide, rounded edges prevent wrinkles
• 2 clips for trousers/pants and skirts
• The clothes hangers are made of metal and are highly robust

Included in Delivery
• Set of 10 clothes hangers
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


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