Manual Stapler with 500 Staples

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  • Versatile and handy
  • 500 Staples
  • Clip
  • Iron
  • Secure
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Manual Stapler with 500 Staples2

Handy Household Stapler Gun

This manual stapler is ideally suited for many smaller tasks that accumulate in your home. Whether you want to assemble a fly screen or picture frame or fix upholstery: This tacker makes everything possible. The staple gun comes with 500 staples included to make sure you can get started right away. Just remove the clip, fill it with staples and get to stapling. Use the wheel to select the ideal power.

Security note: Risk of injury - Not suitable for children.
Manual Stapler with 500 Staples3 Manual Stapler with 500 Staples4


  • Versatile: With this manual stapler, you can get about household tasks quickly - For craftsmen
  • 500 Staples: Staple gun with 500 staples included - Size per 100-piece stack H x W x D: app. 0.8 x 1.1 x 7 cm
  • Refillable: Remove the empty clip and insert staples - Quick and easy
  • Secure: The lever can be easily secured after use - Store in a compact and safe way
  • Adjustable: Use the wheel to select the ideal power - Made of sturdy iron

Handy Household Stapler

  • For general household and crafting use
  • Staple upholstery, fabric, sheets of paper, etc.
  • Handy & easy to use
  • Lever can be secured
  • Easily refillable clip


  • 1 x Manual Stapler
  • 500 x Staples

Manual Stapler with 500 Staples Details

  • Stapler: H x W x D: app. 12.5 x 15 x 2 cm
  • 100-Piece stack H x W x D: app. 0.8 x 1.1 x 7 cm
  • Staples Type 53 8mm
  • Weight empty: app. 420 g
  • Iron

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