Set of Wooden 100 Pencils

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  • Kit of 100 pencils
  • HB leads
  • Rubber erasers
  • Wooden
  • Office supplies
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Set of Wooden 100 Pencils2

Set of 100 Pencils - HB Standard

Thank to this set of 100 pencils, you will always be ready to make lists or notes, draw sketches or pictures. The pencils are equipped with unbreakable HB leads, which will help you draw uniform straight lines. The erasers on top are there to fix your mistakes, should this occur. The wooden pencils are perfect for the office, school or work place.

Set of Wooden 100 Pencils3 Set of Wooden 100 Pencils4


  • Set of 100 pencils: Pack of pencils to write notes or lists, to draw and more
  • Eraser: Simply fix the mistakes you have made with the eraser at the top of the wooden pencils
  • Middle degree of hardness: Create straight lines with the standard HB leads
  • High-quality wood: Easy to sharpen - Includes break-proof leads
  • Basics: HWD app. 18.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm - Each pencil weighs app. 5 g - Delivery not sharpened

Wooden Pencils with HB Leads

  • With rubber erasers
  • Stationery for the office, work place or school
  • HB Standard - Middle degree of hardness
  • Pack of 100 - Big kit
  • Break-proof leads


  • Set of 100 pencils

Set of 100 Pencils in Detail

  • Size of each pencil H x W x D: app. 18.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm
  • Weigh: app. 5 g for each pencil
  • Made of wood, latex-free rubber eraser