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More is more - The maximalism living trend


Fun and lifestyle - When Marie is not working on ideas for new content, she spends her time with friends enjoying a glass of wine, playing cards or watching a show. After graduating in business studies, she immersed herself in the world of branding and managing online shops to give her creativity free rein. Beautiful decorations and interior design ideas always put her in a good mood.

In recent years, minimalist and purist furnishings have taken over our homes. Minimalism has become a lifestyle and even outside of one's own four walls one reduces everything to the essentials. At the beginning of the pandemic, tidying-up movements like those from Marie Kondo became a trend, in which people got rid of unnecessary things and decluttered. While all of these things have their rationale and a minimalist lifestyle brings significant benefits, the trend of maximalism is becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to the antithesis of the minimalism interior design trend, grey, white and beige no longer play the leading role.
We spent a large part of our lives at home during the Corona pandemic and want to feel all the more comfortable there and add vitality to our homes. True to the motto "a lot helps a lot", maximalism strives for a lush, luxurious style of living. The goal is not to live in waste and excess, but to maximise everything you hold dear within your own home. You can find out what exactly maximalism is about in today's blog post. I have collected the characteristics of this living trend for you and picked out great interior articles so that you can furnish yourself in a maximalist way.
Maximalism Living

What characterises maximalism and where does the idea come from?

I have already hinted at it: Maximalism is not for purists. It thrives on bright colours, lots of decoration and fancy pattern mixes. Maximalism allows you to express yourself in your home, express your creativity and enjoy luxury. This style of furnishing likely originated in the baroque home décor of Italian royalty. Even though maximalism harmonises perfectly with vintage furnishings and mid-century style, it is by no means old-fashioned or pretentious. A skilful combination of artwork, plants and statement furniture creates a harmonious overall picture that will impress you with its elegance. Maximalism has been up and coming again for two years now, because minimalism is not always the right choice, especially because of the pandemic or very compact flats in urban areas. This can often look austere, clinical or even uninhabited and, above all, deprive you of important storage space. Maximalism wants to do the exact opposite. It is loud, colourful and makes small rooms look bigger. Pompous furniture meets colourful walls, harmonising with an abundance of pictures and huge lampshades. Your home should by no means look cluttered or overcrowded, but you are given the opportunity to integrate everything you love and find aesthetically pleasing into your four walls. Moreover, you don't have to buy everything new and spend money indiscriminately, instead you should rather enjoy what you have now. Live in orderly chaos, make small spaces big and remain selective when choosing your furnishings. You can also take your time with the process. Gradually add more eye-catchers so that you create a harmonious atmosphere in your maximalist home.

How to go maximalist

To make it lush, (almost) everything is allowed. Use oriental elements, floral patterns, velvet furniture, rich colours and books to embellish your home in diverse ways. Bold shades like green, turquoise, pink or magenta work best. You can also combine different shades of the same colour scheme to create a lively ambience. Fancy lamps, chic vases and extravagant mirrors also look wonderful in a maximalist home. Of course, you should not decorate arbitrarily, but still create harmony by following certain rules. For example, arrange furniture that has similar shapes and edges, use textiles with the same patterns on each other or go for simple pieces of furniture that are, on the other hand, combined with elaborate decoration. So that it never looks too crowded, you should allow for enough free space, for example on your walls or between the pieces within the room. This way you have air to breathe, but still have a lavishly furnished home. In the various rooms you can fall back on diverse maximalist pieces. Mix different textiles in the bedroom and put lots of pictures that hold personal memories on white walls. In the living room, you can combine pictures, carpets and cushions in a colourful way and also use many, many wonderful candles. To give your dining room that certain something, you can place a large dining table that is illuminated from above by not just one but several lamps. In the bathroom, on the other hand, the use of large flowers or a huge wall mirror is a great idea. This also ensures that the smallest room is given depth and appears larger. Better, more beautiful, bigger should always be your attitude when decorating according to the maximalism style allowing you to create a beautiful home where everyone feels comfortable.

Furnish to the max with these accessories

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