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Fun and lifestyle - When Marie is not working on ideas for new content, she spends her time with friends enjoying a glass of wine, playing cards or watching a show. After graduating in business studies, she immersed herself in the world of branding and managing online shops to give her creativity free rein. Beautiful decorations and interior design ideas always put her in a good mood.

Homemade food is always appreciated. And if it's edible, all the better! So why not try baking something? Cakes, pies and biscuits from the oven are not only a great gift for friends and family, but the work behind them has become a hobby for many. Just like cooking, baking is something you simply enjoy doing and something you can always get better at. The right equipment will make the whole thing even easier for you. So, what do you need for baking in your own four walls? Let's start with the basics. It is important that you always have a couple of mixing bowls of the right size at hand, a whisk, perhaps a pastry brush and definitely a measuring cup. The baking experience becomes even more efficient when a scale is integrated directly into the measuring cup, so that flour and sugar can also be measured accurately.
The right baking tin, as well, plays a major role. Is it better to use silicone or steel? Box-shaped, ring-shaped or even heart-shaped? The choice is yours, so here's my tip: Get a springform pan set so you're ready for any occasion. A brownie baking tin is also particularly practical, as it allows for superb portioning and even has a removable base. If you would like to please your colleagues more often, a muffin tray for delicious cupcakes is a good idea. For fans of cakes and tarts who like to present their creations in an elaborate way, a rotating cake plate is an absolute must. If you would like to bake biscuits or biscuits, you will certainly need biscuit cutters. With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, biscuit cutter baking is coming back to the spotlight. Get together with your parents, your best friend or colleagues to bake and drink spiced wine. Afterwards, you can snack on the biscuits or they can go straight into all your Christmas presents. Here we go!

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