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Summer is just around the corner and with it a wild evening or two. But of course, you have fun house parties or birthdays celebrations any time of the year. This usually involves a scrumptious buffet or an ample pizza order. Yet drinks also need to be taken care of. While the classic choice is often a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, you can also surprise your guests with more elaborate drinks. That's why we tried out three delicious shot recipes that we want to share with you. In this article, you'll learn how you can use vodka to make fancy drinks that appeal to a whole range of tastes!

Lemon Drop - Sour and delicious

You will need
  • 20ml vodka
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • A lemon wedge, if desired
For the lemon drop, add equal parts vodka and lemon juice to your shot glass, the order is not important. We used 4cl glasses for all our shots. The drink goes down particularly well with a sugar rim. To do this, twist the rim of the glass briefly in the lemon juice or rub a lemon wedge over the rim of the glass and then dip the shot glass in a little sugar. The lemon wedge can also be used as an excellent garnish for the shot. Alternatively, you can add some sugar directly to the drink or bite into a sugared lemon wedge after drinking.

Apple Pie - The dessert with a twist

You will need
  • 20ml vodka
  • 20ml apple juice
  • Whipped cream
  • Cinnamon
With the apple pie shot, you also pour the juice and vodka into the glass one after the other, the order doesn't matter. With a bit of whipped cream, a beautiful cream topping is added, which is finally dusted with a little cinnamon. Enjoy your shot, which tastes just like a delicious dessert!

Blue Shot - Bring in the colour

You will need
  • Vodka
  • Blue Curaçao
  • Milk
  • Sugar
The Blue Shot, also known as the Blue Jay, requires equal parts of all its ingredients, just like the previous drinks. So in your shot glass, add 1/3 vodka, 1/3 Blue Curaçao and 1/3 milk. To make the pastel blue shot even cooler look, you can also use a sugar rim. The best way to create a matching, slightly bluish rim is to dip the glass first in some Blue Curaçao and then in the sugar. You can also prepare the Blue Shot and the Lemon Drop in a cocktail shaker if you plan to fill several shot glasses anyway.
Edited and translated by Tatiana Chernyshova

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