Car Cleaning

A spotless car with Relaxdays

There's nothing like a beautifully cleaned car! When your car really shines and looks almost like new, the world feels better. So that you can enjoy this wonderful state regularly, you can find helpful products for a clean car at Relaxdays.

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Cleaning products for the interior of your car

A clear view is essential when driving. Dirt and dust can quickly dirty the windscreen and block the view. With the Relaxdays windscreen cleaners for the interior you can quickly counteract this: The cleaner with handle effortlessly cleans the entire windscreen. The microfibre cloth leaves no streaks and can be changed. In the practical set of 2, you are perfectly equipped and always have the necessary view. Fogged-up windows can also be treated. Dust, dirt and fluff also collect quickly far away from the windows. Relaxdays cleaning cloths are particularly suitable for seats, upholstery, windows, windscreens and fittings. They are already moistened and ready for use at any time. You can store the cloths in a practical way, as they are supplied in handy storage boxes. Shop the Relaxdays cleaning products now and benefit from an always clean car.

Buy Relaxdays car cleaning cloths and car window cleaner now.

Discover other useful cleaning products from Relaxdays that you can also use to clean your car. Click through our wide range now and find the right products. Simply order them conveniently at home!