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Get fit from home - no problem with the right equipment

Strength training, balance training, yoga or Pilates: Relaxdays offers you a wide range of equipment for your home gym. With all your sports equipment in your own home, there is no more room for excuses why you can't make it to the gym. You don't have to drive anywhere after a long day at work or wait around for equipment to become available. Follow a holistic training programme in the comfort of your own home.
Especially if you work in an office, you should take the opportunity to train unused muscle groups after work. Use ab trainers, fitness bands, thigh trainers and steppers to work as many muscles in your body as possible. In addition, you can discover many other sports equipment such as pull-up bars or punching bags, as well as useful training accessories. Cooling towels and push-up grips are practical additions to your fitness sessions, and you'll also find the necessary equipment for yoga and Pilates. .
Equip your home gym now and work on your athletic goals from home. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply improve your fitness, Relaxdays can help!

What you can achieve with balance training

If you follow a holistic training approach, you should not ignore balance and equilibrium. Balance training ensures a balanced posture and enables you to strengthen your centre. It is used as a rehabilitation measure after fractures or injuries as well as for athletes and hobby athletes. So if you are interested in an all-round body workout, feel free to browse through our balance equipment!
Balance training works your entire musculature. This is done with dynamic supports such as balance boards or balance cushions. The body counteracts the movements of the training surface in order to maintain balance, which strengthens not only the muscles but also the joints, the ability to react and the motor skills. In addition, the practical, small balance devices can be easily stowed away and taken anywhere. You can also perfectly combine your balance training with your strength training programme and thus follow a balanced fitness programme.
Discover the world of balance training now at Relaxdays!