Dartboards and dart stands for fun evenings

What could be better than a little competition between friends? Hang up the dartboard, pick up the darts and play to win. With the dartboards and dart stands from Relaxdays, no evening together or house party will be boring any more. Browse through our range and find the perfect product for your needs. Let's go!

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Which dartboard would you like?

No matter whether children or adults play - Relaxdays offers you the perfect dartboard for exciting tournaments. Choose between our X2 dartboard, which can be played on both sides, and our soft dartboard, which can not only be hung on the wall, but also set up. The X2 comes with metal-tipped darts that stick particularly well, while the plastic darts on the soft dartboard have rounded tips and are therefore much more suitable for children. The wall or the floor are also not damaged during exuberant play. Get ready to play: both in your own four walls and outside in the garden or even on the road. The Relaxdays dartboards are faithful companions for fun times together, glorious victories and bitter defeats.

Find out how versatile our range of dartboards and accessories is

But a dartboard alone is not always enough. You want to prevent holes or other wear and tear on your walls? Then order a wall protector to go with your dartboard. The protective rings are simply attached to the wall and form a protective surface around your dartboard so that you don't ruin anything, even if something goes wrong. If you want to be more flexible, you can also use the height-adjustable Relaxdays dartboard stand. Attach your dartboard to it and get started. Alternatively, a dart stand can also be used to hold speakers or flat screens, which is why you benefit from its multifunctionality.
Your friends are also real darts fans and you are still looking for the perfect party gag or gift? Then take a look at our crown cork dartboard. With this funny gadget, you throw crown corks instead of darts and can easily set it up anywhere. Convince yourself and your friends of the magnetic beer dart now!

Order now at Relaxdays and soon you can play darts again!

Darts is a great game for friends as well as for the whole family and can be played almost anywhere. Play together in the party cellar or in the garden and enjoy yourselves. You can indulge in other fun activities with our outdoor games , family games or drinking games . Discover Relaxdays games now and have a great time!

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