Solid Rubber Wheelbarrow Spare Tyre

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  • Durable spare wheel
  • Ball bearings for mobility
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Ready to use
  • Contoured
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Solid Rubber Wheelbarrow Spare Tyre2

Robust Wheelbarrow Tyre with Axle

This flat-free wheel makes sure that your wheelbarrow is always ready to use without any pesky air loss. Thorns, nails and other pointy adversaries don’t stand a chance against this solid PU rubber tire. The 4.80 4.00-8 wheel is suitable for standard wheelbarrows, trolleys, barrows and more. Thanks to the included axis, you’ll have it ready in no time. Being airless in nature, this lovely piece ensures comfortable use. Since the wheel is also contoured, keeping track is not an issue at all. The robust complete tyre with steel rim and axle is available in two colours.
Solid Rubber Wheelbarrow Spare Tyre3 Solid Rubber Wheelbarrow Spare Tyre4

Durable Rubber Tyre

  • Solid rubber wheel with axis
  • Resistant to thorns, broken glass and more
  • Ball bearings for mobility
  • Profile for stability


  • 1 x Wheelbarrow Wheel (in colour of your choice)
  • Axle Pin Included
  • without decoration

Rubber Wheelbarrow Tire Details

  • Wheel size: 4.80 4.00-8
  • Wheel diameter: app. 39 cm
  • Width of wheel: app. 9 cm
  • Capacity: app. 100 kg

Spare Tyre with Axle

  • Axle diameter: app. 2 cm
  • Axle pin length: app. 15 cm
  • Axle thread length: app. 3 cm per side
  • PU Rubber wheel, steel rim and axle

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