Colourful confetti for every occasion!

Confetti is a must at a good party. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or graduation party - the sparkling confetti brings glitter and colour to every celebration. Create a great atmosphere and an unforgettable evening with the Relaxdays confetti cannons and party poppers. Discover confetti in different colours and shapes. The right thing for every occasion.

Let's get the party started with the Relaxdays party poppers

The Relaxdays party poppers are a hit at every event: with the confetti cannons you can add highlights to your party and create unforgettable moments. The party poppers are easy to use: They are triggered harmlessly by a twisting motion and pressure - without any fire or pyrotechnics. Nevertheless, they produce a beautiful popping sound with an effect height of 6 to 8 metres to highlight special moments. A built-in safety net also ensures additional safety. Our confetti cannons are available in various motifs: Golden stars for gala nights or Christmas parties, red rose petals for marriage proposals, colourful snippets for children's birthday parties or confetti shooters in black, red, gold for the next European Championships - at Relaxdays you will find the right party popper for every event.

Confetti - a highlight at every party

You want more than just confetti? You want to spread a feeling of joy and magic? Then Relaxdays is the right place for you. Here you will find the perfect highlight for your party. Confetti is not just an decoration that has to be swept up again the next day, confetti can be much more! With its shiny and glittery surface, confetti adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your party. Whether you use confetti as scatter decoration on the table or throw it into the crowd during unforgettable moments - with us you will find the right thing for every event. In dazzling colours, the confetti shines and sparkles and immediately puts you in a good mood. Discover different sizes and quantities here to equip yourself for your perfect party.

Buy confetti now at Relaxdays

Browse through our wide selection of confetti and party poppers in different colours, patterns and sizes to create perfect moments at any event. Find the right mood setter for your event now.

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